JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.12.17

JSP Visual Week in Review_081217

We’re getting close to the dog days of summer, if we ain’t there yet.

You know, that time when you kinda wish for it to get cooler, to see a red or yellow leaf out there.

When the heat and humidity is getting to you.

Ah, well, it’s been a pretty temperate summer here in New Jersey. Slightly wet, not super hot.

OK, I’m not ready for Back To School yet, but NFL football HAS started.

Me, I still have things to do this summer, projects to keep pushing forward on.

No school bells yet. No whistle tweets from the zebras.

Summer, don’t go anywhere yet. I ain’t done with you.


Not For Nothing Department: This week  I wirelessly transferred a photo from my camera to my phone, edited it on my phone and posted it to IG.

I felt like George Jetson.


This Week’s Links:

Birthdays This Week: Richard Prince, Ernest Withers, Nathaniel Fein, Jill Enfield, Errol Sawyer, William Thomas Perkins, Jeff Widener, Louis James Pesha, LeRoy Grannis, Lynn Kohlman, Joe Deal, Leon Van Loo

Another birthday: My dad! Happy birthday, Pops!

Ernest Withers’ story was the most interesting I read this week.

RIP Arlene Gottfried

What I’m reading this week: The Tin Roof Blowdown by James Lee Burke

What I watched this week: Quarry

What I listened to this week: JD McPherson

Guitars made from decaying Detroit structures

From USA Today: Five Things To Love About the Jersey Shore

The Sixth: The light

Watch: Why you shouldn’t be an artist.

Been in often: The World of Danny Clinch is transparent.

“… I got a camera because it gave it a little more meaning…a life of wandering is really what it all is.” ~ Arlene Gottfried

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