JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.19.17

JSP Visual Week in Review_081917

A low shoot week for me. Definitely in the dog days of summer now. Actually, my wife and I were lamenting that this summer just hasn’t felt like summer this year for some reason. Maybe we haven’t had the extended heat waves everyone complains about but that we don’t seem to mind to much. Supposed to be warm the next few days here, but not really a heat wave.

I don’t know…the days have tripped along but nothing is defining this summer for me, except my Musicians &  The Mosaic project and all the BS coming out of Washington.

In any case, we’re planning one last get-outta-town excursion before the kids go back to school. Trying to lock down some things now and then hit the road for a few days. Last year at this time, we were in North Carolina…and my wife was in the hospital there. Not looking for that, of course. But we need a good end-plate to this summer.

Hope this’ll be it.

How’s summer been in your neck of the world?


Birthdays This Week: Herb Ritts, Thomas J Abercrombie, Roy Schiffer Pinney, Terry Richardson, Horst P. Horst, Paul Outerbridge, Charles Roscoe Savage, David Michael Kennedy, Charles Clyde Ebbets, Roman Vishniac

What I watched this week: A lot of baseball.

Oh, this, too.

What I read this week: A lot of news. Sadly.

I went to see a concert this week.

Today is World Photo Day. Get out and shoot something good (My first photo of the day was this one.)

I don’t get mentioned on a food blog much, but when I do: Red Beet Rice

I’m underwhelmed by the upcoming solar eclipse. I think it’s because I just don’t think I’ll be able to see anything. Might try to find glasses today, though.

For Scott Kelby’s World Photowalk Day in October, I’ll be leading a photo walk here in Allentown! I’m nervous already.

Beverly Hills High School turns 90

Weekend Exercise

School Supplies

“My memory isn’t good; that’s why I make photographs…so I can say, yeah, I was there.” ~ David Michael Kennedy

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