Rockin’ The House


Georgia Owen on stage at the House of Independents

School will be starting pretty soon around here (I know some kids in parts of the US have already gone back), and some will be asked “What did you do on your summer vacation?”

“I went to the beach….I went to Great Adventure…I saw the Liberty Bell….”

All pretty fun stuff as summers go.

Georgia Owen, whom I photographed a few months ago, will be able to say “I released an EP of songs and rocked the house in Asbury Park at the House of Independents.”


Not too shabby a way to spend your summer vacation.

That photo shoot we did May was in advance of this EP release party. The pics were uses in promotions ranging from her new website, to marketing materials like business cards, posters and social media.

Georgia Owen poster


When the time came for Georgia to hit the stage at the House of Independents on Sunday…she was ready. And she did awesome.


I was there mainly to support Georgia, a local Allentown gal following her dreams. But since I was there…and I had my Fuji X100T on my shoulder…I couldn’t just sit by and listen.

I had to shoot.




Switching the dial back and forth between color and black & white, I wanted to capture her six-song set as best I could. I was trying to work both ends of the stage, but also pulling back to get the establishing shot (of location, crowd, etc) as best I could.

Remember, in the old days, how we used to hold up lighters during the ballads? Now you hold up your cellphone flashlight.

cell phones_082017_DSCF9780

The House of Independents is a good-sized venue and while Georgia was on the bill with others, she was clearly one of the stars of the evening.

And, for some reason, watching her perform, it dawned on me how much a musician has to keep doing while on stages: Singing, playing, moving around so as not to look stiff, engaging the crowd, making it all look easy and flawless. We don’t notice this with the pros because they know exactly what to do. Stage presence is certainly a thing. Georgia did very well for it being her first big show like this, though she’s performed before.



All in all, it was a great show for Georgia. Here’s hoping more success comes her way.

And for me, it helped get some more concert experience. Helps me to remember to work the scene, look for interesting angles, shoot the details as much as the performer, work high, work low.

All gives you some interesting images!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017

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