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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.26.17

Summer is quickly winding down, it seems. Had a busy week with a couple of shoots and other stuff going on.

My last vacation week of the summer has started. I was watching the old Marilyn Monroe/Joseph Cotton movie, Niagara, the other week, and it gave me an idea:

Road trip.

So, tomorrow, we’re packing up for a quick spin north of the border. I was there in 1979, and then around 2000 but it’ll be fun to show the kids the incredibleness that is Niagara Falls.


This Week’s Links:

Birthdays This Week: Jerry Avenaim, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Galen Rowell, Richard Steinheimer, Herb Scharfman, Seema Aissen Weatherwax, Leigh Austen Wiener, Arlene Gottfried

What I Started Reading This Week: Three Hours Past Midnight – set in Philly, reminds me of living there from 1988-1998.

Photo Essay: George Rogers In The Sahara

Flashback One: What I shot two years ago this week.

Flashback Two: What I shot one year ago this week.

Five Great Photography Tips from Galen Rowell.

Don’t Think Too Positive

“If it looks good, shoot it; If it looks better, shoot it again.” ~ Galen Rowell

Busy day today to get ready for the trip so that’s it. See you on the other side (of the week not the Falls.)

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