Musicians & The Mosaic: Bobby Mahoney

Bobby Mahoney_mkrajnak_082517_MG_9395

Another young artist, another one that’s had a really busy summer.

I’m trying to think of when I first met Bobby Mahoney. A little over a year ago? I know it was on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, when a mutual friend introduced us and a handshake was exchanged. But can’t quite remember when that was.

Met him again when a cold, wet winter wind was blowing through Little Eden (Asbury Park). He was part of A Set For Vets, the event I photographed for my saxophone-playing buddy Zack Sandler (who often sits in with Bobby’s band, The Seventh Son.)

But Bobby, like Georgia, has had a busy summer. He graduated from college earlier this spring, has been working full time, hitting the road solo and with his band, teaching guitar, and has, lately, been rehearsing and prepping their big show at the House Of Independents in Asbury Park…TONIGHT!

With all that going on, I was happy to be Bobby for a few minutes last night. He was big into helping me out with my Musicians & The Mosaic project, but the question was of when he could do it. Like I said, busy guy!

But last week, we were able to get on each other’s schedules. He was on his way – with his best gal and two other friends – to the Stone Pony to see The Bouncing Souls, The Metzingers and Lucero. This after taking a day off from working and rehearsing to have some fun at Great Adventure.

I knew it was going to be a good shoot because of a good omen: When I parked my truck on Ocean Ave in Asbury Park, and was getting ready to feed the meter, I looked up to see this sticker on the lamp post.

Bobby Mahoney sticker_082017

Bobby and I had been trading text messages for the afternoon, trying to lock down the time. As it turned out, he was going to hit AP sooner than I expected, so I had to hustle to get set up. In fact, he was feeding the meter right across from me when I pulled in. I was lucky (again) and got a spot almost directly across from the mosaic. Still, I had to hustle. I don’t want to keep my subject waiting.

Luckily, having now down this a few times, I was able to set up rather quickly, dial in my exposures and have him step onto the set. What made this a bit challenging for me was…it was just him. No guitar, no props. He couldn’t bring anything since he was out all day (well, maybe he could have, but I didn’t ask since I knew he’s be out all day and was heading to the show. I didn’t want to ask him to bring his guitar or anything he’d have to lug around).

And while I’ve been trying to stockpile props, I didn’t have anything for him this time. So my goal while making these portraits was to continue to shoot while I talked to him, to get different expressions or gestures.

So, that’s what I did…shoot and talk…shoot and talk.

Bobby Mahoney_bw_mkrajnak_082517_DSCF0073

Bobby Mahoney_clr_mkrajnak_082517_MG_9366

I did pull out this old bar stool I have to give a different position rather than standing.

And then I pulled out my black background for some portraits.

Bobby Mahoney_clr_mkrajnak_082517_MG_9386

Bobby Mahoney_bw_mkrajnak_082517

Bobby Mahoney_bw_mkrajnak_082517_DSCF0098

My one big miss was not getting his girlfriend and friends into a group shot. Not sure why I whiffed on that, but I should have done it. Especially since they were watching  and he was playing off them a bit. I heard his girlfriend loves this one.

Bobby Mahoney_mkrajnak_082517_MG_9402


And, of course, to close out the shoot and get Bobby off to The Bouncing Souls, Flo had to help out.

Bobby Mahoney_mkrajnak_082517_DSCF0115

And, the final close-out shot:


Bobby Mahoney and The Seventh Son bring the Jersey rock ‘n roll like musicians twice their ages. Check out their music on Bandcamp and support them if you can!

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