JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.02.17

JSP Visual Week In Review_090217

With no great eloquence or excitement, I mark the turn of the page, the design of a new month.

The flame of summer extinguishes on Monday, Labor Day. But already the embers are dying. It was 51 degrees when I work up this morning and took Bo out.

This was the summer that never really seemed to gain purchase around here. We waited all winter for it, and we did have three inspiring months, but never that oppressive heat and humidity that makes one love (or hate) June, July and August here  in New Jersey.

This week was spent on the road, covering more than 1,000 miles with the family on a long-ish roadtrip. More on that to come this week.

A short-ish roadtrip will cover off the next few days. Then the washing machine-like churn and drone of autumn will begin in earnest: back to school, fall sports, a big project here at the house. The early darkening of days.

So, there you have it. Time waits for no one.


Birthdays This Week: Man Ray, Anna Webber, Harold Corsini, Milton E. “Pete” Brooks, Helen Levitt, David Michael Spindel, Sibylle Bergemann.

What I finished reading on vacation: Three Hours After Midnight (really liked it.)

What I started reading this week: Leadfoot

Home hit by Hurricane Harvey

It’s all about the camera.

One Piece of Advice.

“I never had a ‘project.’ I would go out and shoot, follow my eyes—what they noticed.” ~ Helen Levitt

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