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Make Prints, Accordion Style

You know I’m a fan of making prints. Here’s a fun thing to do.

Every since I got back from my travels with Gary Chapman last December, I’ve been meaning to put one of these little books together for him as a thank you. And a remembrance.

Finally….I got around to do this. Frankly, the planning to do it stage took longer than actually doing it.

A fun little 12 image (back and front) accordion-style mini book. It’s a fun little way to remember an event or trip or something like that. Pretty inexpensive as well.

I use for these. I’m sure there are other places that do them, but I’ve always used Mpix.

The fun thing, too, was that Gary was traveling when I mailed this out to him. It was waiting for him when he got home and I think one of the first things he did was shoot me a text to thank me.

It’s the little things – sometimes literally – that mean a lot. Here’s a quick little vid I posted to my IG.

Did you go to a wedding or have a fun day-trip this summer? Making prints doesn’t have to be laborious.

Pull those files together and get them printed!

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