Event: Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son At House of Independents


Sometimes things work out well.

I had been in touch with Bobby Mahoney earlier in August about doing a Musicians & The Mosaic shoot together. He was up for it, but asked if we could hold off. He was busy working rehearsing, and getting ready for an EP release show at the House of Independents later in the month.

I said that was fine. But also suggested we do it closer to the HOI show so that we can do a bit of pre-promotion for it. Plus, my friend, Zack Sandler, who plays sax in Bobby’s band, asked me earlier in the summer if I could shoot this performance.

And that’s how it worked out for all of us. We did the mosaic shoot, and thus were able to prime the pump for the August 31 show in Asbury Park.

Here’s the thing: The mosaic shoot is a personal project. I’m reaching out to these cats, and they are taking time to do this for me. And while I don’t pay them, I do buy some of their merchandise (CD’s, t-shirts.) Me giving back to me – it’s only fair. They are giving me their time and I appreciate that.

But then, I’m more than happy to help promote them a bit. I’m not shooting bands with these huge marketing budgets. These are singers that are working full time and doing what they love in their free time, getting their hustle on up and down the coast. I really respect that. Hey, I work full time and do what I love in my free time. I have no qualms about helping promote them a bit.

Even when I shot Bobby for the mosaic shoot, I could tell he was amped for the HOI show. He’s played some big venues already and, at 22, has shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Jesse Malin and others. He plays the Light of Days shows every year. He’s well on his way. But this HOI show was going to be a big one for him and the  band.


The cool part was, I’d have all-access: Backstage as well as the performance. I feel some of the best rock ‘n roll images, from Jim Marshall, Henry Diltz, or Danny Clinch, come from backstage, when the nervous energy of the performer is reaching a peak.

I really like the shot above. Bobby was warming up (note the shorter haircut compared to the mosaic shots), singing “Black & Mild” acoustically. His guitarist, Andrew Saul, is in the left of the frame. His drummer, James McIntosh is in the backwards baseball cap, and Zack is on the right. I’m only missing his bassist, John Shepard, who was seated against the wall on the left.

Yes, I’m caught in the mirror as well, but I really like this shot. Bobby was singing louder, warming up his vocal cords, and the band was chiming in. I got chills, actually. And I knew he was ready to hit the stage.

A couple more from backstage…





Eddie Mac_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_DSCF0991

Right before they went, Bobby asked for a group shot. Got lucky with the light, as I really like this one too.


Then it was showtime. I switched back and forth shooting with my Canon 70D in color, and my Fuji X100T in B&W.






Andrew Saul_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_MG_9763



Overall, I was pleased with the shots I got. There was a couple of other photographers there, guys that cover a lot of the Asbury Park music scene. One, Jeff Crespi, has been shooting performances for years and he has a particular look to his photos. Very stylized. He’s a Jersey Shore institution.

I saw his pics from this performance and, frankly, part of me wished mine were cleaner, no so grainy (though, on the other hand, I like the grain). I certainly don’t want to shoot like Jeff…but I wonder if the performers prefer what he does over mine. Would that matter to me? I don’t know. Perhaps I should ask them and see. And maybe I will. It’s all part of my learning, my education, I guess.

But overall, a great experience.

Click here to see more images from the performance.

Very fun night. Bobby and his band rocked it. I wish them continued success and I certainly hope to work with them again!

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