Sound Bites And Leftovers

A Boy Name John_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_DSCF0734

Chris Singh, A Boy Named John

Here’s a few more images from the House of Independents show from a few weeks ago. While Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son as the headliner, the other bands were pretty darn good too.

Deaf Rhino

Deaf Rhino_083117__MG_9409

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much of this band. I was back and forth between backstage and my truck when they went on, and I just didn’t have much time. Very loud, very rockin’ though.

A Boy Named John




That’s Jeff Crespi, an Asbury Park music photo legend, at work in front.




They had a Queens of The Stone Age sound to them. This last shot is similar to the one leading off this post. I got enthralled with the light that was on Chris, with and without the mirror ball effect. I was happy with how my FujiX100T was performing in the low light here.

The Vaughns

The Vaughns_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_DSCF0795

Lead Singer Anna Lies

The Vaughns_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_DSCF0798

The Vaughns_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_DSCF0793

The Vaughns_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_MG_9509

Anna Lies_The Vaughns_HOI_mkrajnak_083117_MG_9491

Their sound grew on me as their set went on. A little Smashing Pumpkins, a little Nirvana, a little Four Non Blondes. Very trippy.

And some leftovers…

ABNJ_duct tape_083117DSCF0847


The perils of rock ‘n roll decadence (not really, just Zack Sandler chatting before the show.)


Anna Lies_083117_DSCF1151

Anna Lies shoots a look while doing a Neil Young song with Bobby Mahoney


Bassist John Shepard’s girlfriend gives him a kiss during the performance.


Bobby Mahoney_083117_DSCF1236

Bobby Mahoney gives a kiss after the show.


Zack Sandler’s saxophone, at rest.

And, on the way out of town, just before picking up 195 West to head home, my last shot of August 2017…

Seashore Auto_083117_DSCF1247

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