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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.30.17

I’m still coming off the high that was last week. Earlier this week, I posted two pieces about what last week held. The final installment will come tomorrow. I started working on it, and just ran out of time last night. Think its all been catching up to me as I’ve been abnormally tired this week.

But there we are, last weekend in September. Certainly feeling like Fall in my part, with some VERY cool mornings. I’ve had to pull on the sweatshirt when I take Bojangles (that shaggy black pup there in the lower-right corner) for his morning walk. The days warm up and the evenings chill again. A very nice time to be in New Jersey.

Really, though, when isn’t it a nice time to be in the Garden State. 🙂

Let’s keep on keepin’ on through fall. Back up that September work (on my To Do list today), and make some prints!


This Week’s Links:

Birthdays this week: Shareif Ziyadat, Kevin Michael Reed, Gregory Crewdson, Bill Owens, Lewis Wickes Hines, Dith Pran, Michio Hoshino, William Herman Rulofson, Ray Avery, Ruth Gruber

What I watched this week (Part 1): Shot! The Pscho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock

What I watched this week (Part 2): Foo Fighters: Back And Forth

What I finished reading this week: A NEGRO AND AN OLFAY – outstanding.

Still time to photowalk with me next week.

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“You have to be a pineapple. You have to have a hundred eyes.” – Dith Pran on photojournalism

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