Make Prints: Rocker Style

Rocker prints_102017_IMG_0110

Two cool orders of prints came in last week, with a similar theme.

I dragged my heels a little, but I finally got some prints made for Bobby Mahoney and Doug Zambon from my shoots with them this summer.

In addition to the shots at the Empress Hotel Mosaic wall, I also made some additional prints for Bobby from his House of Independents show in August.

Also, Georgia Owen asked for a bigger print version of her business card, something she can keep out and prop up when she’s playing. We went back and forth on size, and settled on an 11×17 full-bleed print mounted on foam core to give it some strength.

Went with the metallic finish when I had AdoramaPix print it. Looks awesome.

GO poster_clr_102017_IMG_0107

I’ve been going back to some of my shoots from the past year. More prints will be a-coming!

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