October 2009, Part 1

Red Square

Red Square At Night

Every year around this time, I start to think back to October 2009.

While I’ve taken many business trips, it was the one back then that I still remember the most.

I was working on the company annual report that year, and the first stop we had to make was to Moscow.

Red Square guard

In the span of a week, me and the photo team (art director Stephen Doyle, photographer Elizabeth and her photo assistant, Daniel) would set our tripods down in Moscow, Saratov and Kazan (with a day trip to Mikhaylovka.)

Volga River

The Volga River

We did four shoots in the span of that week. Saw some incredible sites.

Ate borscht.

Mother Russia

A woman in a town near Saratov.



Ramis, our drive (and security)

Russia was a place I never  thought I’d get to. Haven’t been back, but hope to someday.

But, an even more incredible experience was to come…

Flo red square

Flo, early morning, Red Square

If you want to see a few posts from my Russia trip back then…click hereand here.

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