BTS Sunday: Gary S. Chapman in Belgium

Gary Chapman_BTS_bw2_102016

Just about a year ago, I was on a photo project swing of Belgium, Germany and Italy with photographer Gary S. Chapman.

This was what we call a “corporate stock” shoot – recreating images that we would normally search for in Getty or Shutterstock but with the people of my company.

Sometimes, easier said than done. Especially when we were told to get shots that represent “partnership” or “partnering” in our settings. It’s a weird theme – we all know what it is…but how do you show that visually. Go to Shutterstock, or even Google images, put in “partnership” and you’ll get a lot of pics of people shaking hands. All well and good, but what are other ways we can show this?

Here’s one – the people collaborating, talking, working together around a table. The funny thing about this shot is that was unplanned. While moving from one part of the building (a research area, which is why Gary has his white smock on) to another, we came across this small group at these high table in a common area, near the coffee corner.

I lived the natural look of it all, plus the beautiful window light we were getting. I stopped our small entourage and asked the group if we could do some shots (actually, I don’t remember if I asked them, or my colleague from Belgium asked them in either Dutch or Flemmish). Anyway, they agreed. We just needed two things: a) sign a photo consent form and b) continue on with their meeting like we were there.

They did, and Gary got to work. Here’s one way we are using this photo now as a banner image on our company website:


We probably spent about 15 minutes at this scene shooting, shooting stills and some b-roll video. Natural light and a monopod, that’s all. Easy peasy.

.And, in case you are wondering, Gary is shooting a Sony Alpha a7R II. I was shooting my Fuji X100T.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017

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