JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.04.17

JSP Visual Week In Review 11.04.17

Hey! Look who’s here! It’s November!

Let’s welcome November to the show. November brings with it chillier weather, shorter daylight hours and an all-around propensity to lead us here (in New Jersey at least) into winter.

Thanks for showing up, November. Let’s see what you got.


I did three major shoots this week and have processed two of them. So, a little behind. Hope to have the third one done and out the door by Monday.

Experimented with some lighting, got ideas for others. Some of it was steady on the sticks (tripod), other times it was run-and-gun. The beauty and fun of being a generalist.

I’ll unveil some of the work over the next few days.


Here in the US, we turn our clocks back an hour tonight, another hold-over from when this country depended much more on agriculture. Days get shorter, it’ll get dark by dinner time now.

I call it the first day of winter. Bah.


Birthdays this week: Slim Aarons, Esmond Edwards, John G. ZimmermanBob Adelman, Mario Testino, Kyle Cassidy, Adam Bouska, Chester Higgins Jr, Walker Evans, Robert Mapplethorpe

What I’m reading this week:

What I watched this week: Too Late For Tears, Time Table, Pickup On South Street (hey, it IS Noirvember)

What I’m Reading This Week: The Highway Kind

From Rolling Stone: 40 Years of Shooting Bruce Springsteen. Nice article on my buddy Frank Stefanko.

From Esquire: New York In The ’70s

The ultimate Tweet thread.

Iconic Photos: William Albert Allard’s Cowboy

Timothy Archibald’s Small-Town Halloween photo project (I’m friends with Tim on social media, and actually think I worked with him once back in 2004. )

“Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.”~ Walker Evans

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