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The 2018 Jersey Noir Calendar


It’s getting to be that time of year. I’m taking my kids for their picture with Santa this Sunday…sleigh bells will be ringing….I’m already starting to see those godawful Lexus December To Remember commercials.

More importantly, Small Business Saturday is coming up right after Thanksgiving. So, in the spirit of creating some keen new art, and giving you something cool too look at for 2018, I’ve created The 2018 Jersey Noir Calendar.

These are 8×8, glossy-page calendars, printed by my friends at AdoramaPix, that would look great in your office, cube, man (or woman) cave or garage – right over the work bench, where you can see it while you work on your hot rod.

In all, 13 (including the cover) of my favorite Jersey Noir images:

The Sweet and Low-Down Info:

Cost: The calendars are $25.00 (US) each. Not much of a mark-up or anything, just covering the cost of getting them printed and then mailed out to you.

Ordering: Send me an email at, tell me how many calendars you want, include your mailing address. Put: 2018 Jersey Noir Calendar in the subject line.

Delivery: Give me a few days to get them to you. If you can get your order in soon, you’ll have them in plenty of time for Christmas, certainly before 2018 kicks off. If you need it faster, let me know and we’ll work it out. I have four on me now, so I can ship a few pretty quickly.

Payment: I’ll set up payment through PayPal – I’ll send you a Payment Request email and that should work. If you want to send me a check, or unmarked bills, we can make that happen as well.

I had five on me…but one was giving out at the recent Noir At The Bar. Crime fiction writer S.A. Solomon had a winning ticket and she selected my calendar.

Anyway, I hope you like ’em! I think they are pretty cool, and just something a little different for 2018.

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