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Throwback Thursday: Out Of The Past Portraits

Actress Olivia Rorick, 2008

Today is #throwbackthursday, as all the kids say. I happened to be going through some old files this week, and a came across two portraits I shot almost 10 year ago now.

Leading off, actress Olivia Rorick at an Irish pub in Chelsea, NYC, back in 2008.

Since it’s Noirvember, my thoughts always go back to shooting this “femme fatal” from the Two Detectives play that I worked on.


And here, a model in Dobbs Ferry, New York. I took a Joe McNally lighting workshop,  in 2009, and had the opportunity to work some very talented people. Came across this pic in color, but thought it would look good in B&W.

Don’t get rid of those old files, folks. Never know when you might discover some forgotten gems.

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