Friday Noir: Suckers And Sour Looks


“Sure, the suckers all give me sour looks.

The minute they stop, I’m worried, see, because then I know I’m not on my toes.

And that’s where I’m stayin’.

Ready to hit the first guy that’s fool enough to try and cross me in the first place.”

Robert Taylor in Johnny Eager (1941)



Where did I get this inspiration for this image?

From the great Gordon Parks.

His 1948 LIFE story on a Harlem gang leader included a frame of a young African American male, Red, in profile, with the light camera left, much like this. Red is holding a cigarette and the light is slightly hard. Mine is softer lightof course.

Lighting specs: A Neewer 160 LED light in a Neewer 47″ softbox.

Again, it’s not a straight re-creation (though I may try to do that at some point) but I just love Gordon’s image,and its stuck with me.

The fantastic writer and historian John Edwin Mason did a great examination of Gordon’s story here. Check it out and click through the slideshow. Number 7 is one that has stuck with me.

Jersey Noir gets it’s start in interesting areas, eh?

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017

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