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I HATE Black Friday.

I hate the “Christmas creep”…that fact that people go shopping on Thanksgiving….that people wake up at ungodly hours – not to see the sunrise – but to go to a store to go shopping.

For “deals” that will available for the next three weeks anyway.

I get it – everyone wants a good deal. Sure, no problem there.

I just hate how that all this next months seems to revolve around.

So, to try to tamper down Black Friday, I’ve become more enamored with Small Business Saturday: Shopping the small, the local, the indie in your areas. Giving back to the community with business and to the local artists and craftspeople that put their blood, sweat and tears it that which they love.

Last year, I did a few portraits of local business owners here in Allentown. I think someone else was doing it this year, so I laided low.

But a few weeks ago, at one of the local businesses, my wife got one of these cool totes. I thought I would break out the garage studio and do a little shoot with it to help promote Small Business Saturday (#smallbusinessaturday on social media).

Shop Small_2_112017_DSCF4626

So, here’s some small businesses/artists that maybe you want to consider purchasing from this holiday season:

* My hat comes from Jersey Shore Apparel in Atlantic Highlands.

* I listen to local bands like The Vansaders, Bobby Mahoney & The Seventh Son, The Battery Electric, Remember Jones, and Georgia Owen

* Some indie authors I like: Tom Darin Lisky, Thomas Pluck, Joe Samuel Starnes, Joe Clifford, Jen Conley, Danny Gardner, Eric Beetner, Bard Constantine…just to name few.

And, of course,  this photographer selling his calendar or prints of your choice. Go here to see select prints offered for sale, or contact me if there is one you don’t see.

Listen, I know you have to go to the big websites or to the big box stores for certain things. Me too.

But if you can, shop local on Small Business Saturday and upcoming Giving Tuesday. You’ll make a local artist very happy.

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