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Dispatches: Walking Asbury Park

I know, I know…Asbury Park doesn’t seem like a Dispatches type of post. I head down there enough that it’s almost like a second home.

But this past weekend I went down with fresh eye. Why? Because I played tour guide.

Last week, I was traveling with Gary and Vivian Chapman. But part of the project we’re working on included work back here in New Jersey, and nearby Pennsylvania.

Since we shot on Friday in PA, they had to spend the weekend to get to our shoot on Monday. They took Saturday to keep close to the hotel and get some work done (seriously, being on the road hampers actual production – editing photos, back up, the general business of being a pro photographer. Heck, it slows me down and I’m not even a pro.)

Gary Chapman At Work – San Francisco Airport, November 2017

On Sunday, though, I invited them to take a drive down I-195 with me to check out Asbury Park for themselves. They hear, and see, so much of it from me, thought they should check it out.

It was a chilly, overcast day, but we three, plus my two boys, steered my truck East. At the appropriate time, I turned on Greetings From Asbury Park to get us in the mood.

After parking near, the first stop was Danny Clinch’s Transparent Clinch gallery.

From there, we walked back up past The Wonder Bar and into Convention Hall. The pop-up Christmas Bazaar was in full swing and so were the crowds. We strolled through Convention Hall and walked out the other side where I showed them the Wooden Walls murals.

Not much wind down on the boardwalk but there was a bit in the air. We walked back through the throngs of shoppers to head down to the other end of the boardwalk. Along the way, I talked a bit more about the history of AP, pointed out Madame Marie’s and the Silverball Museum.

My boys wanted to play on the playground set that is on the beach. I turned Gary and Vivian lose to explore a little while I stayed to watch over my guys and snap a few more.

When they strolled back, it was….time. Time to do a portrait in front of the wall I’m making famous (I hope).

We exited the boardwalk and crossed Ocean Ave. I think they were as excited as I was.

My boys had to warm the spot up first.

Then they stepped in for their “serious” portrait.

But then we had to do a couple of fun ones as well couple of fun ones, too…

It was starting to get dark. We headed back up Ocean, and was able to jump into The Stone Pony for a quick look around.

Just before jumping back in the truck to the crockpot of chili we had waiting for us back at the house, time for one last selfie.

Last December, Gary and I photowalked Tokyo. it was pretty memorable. Hopefully, they both will remember this December when they go to know Little Eden.

And, hey, if you’re ever in town, give me a hollar. I find I like playing tour guide in Asbury Park.

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