JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.09.17

JSP Visual Week In Review_120917

This….was a tough tech week for me.

It started few weeks ago when I told you about my external hard drive issues.

It continued last Saturday. We came off our shoot on Friday in Pennsylvania and I had the images I shot on my laptop hard drive. Didn’t have time to back them up yet.

Well, I guess I did, but again, lazy.

Took my laptop to my son’s basketball practice to try to use my “sitting there” time wisely.

Except…a few image in, the laptop, balanced on my lap, fell off said lap. Not good.

Screen cracked internally. Since it’s my work laptop *yikes* I took it to our IT team on Monday. They told me the hard drive was damaged as well. Catastrophically.

Meaning I lost a good bit of data. At first, I thought no big deal, just some word docs and such.

Then I remembered all the images from the Friday shoot. Including one portrait I really liked.


Week went on, I tried to get back on schedule from being on the road. Then I thought “Hey, maybe I can retrieve the images from my actual card.”

Did a little research and landed on EaseUS, software I could download (not free, though) to scan my card and get lost data. I wiggled and wagged about whether the $70 was worth it.

Finally, I bought it. If nothing else, at least I would have this software for future. And the rate I was going, I’d need it.

The scan worked pretty well. I got a TON of images back, including stuff from earlier this year, even though I’ve erased and reformatted that card dozens of times.

Data is really not lost, it turns out. You just have to pay to get it back.

Of course, that one image I wanted back from Friday’s shoot…not on there.

Oh well.


This Week’s Links

Birthdays this week: Aaron Siskind, Anne Wardrope Brigman, Tim Hetherington, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Eliot Porter, Roy DeCarava

What I watched this week: Pushover (super good film noir)

What I’m reading: The Ongoing Moment

Photo composition tips.

Forget the b-roll.

Women photographers of World War I

The Soldier’s Camera

Stephen Shore’s Offbeat Sublimities

Is photography still worth it?

“Look, there’s nothing to it. F9 on the shady side of the street, F4.5 on the sunny side, 20th of a second, hold your camera steady!” ~ Walker Evans

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