Tear Sheet: Shooting Out Of Turn book cover

Shooting Out Of Turn_Altus Press_122017


I woke up to find a fun email in my In box the other day. The latest volume of Carroll John Daly stories, Shooting Out Of Turn, is now out now from Altus Press, featuring one of my noir images on the cover.

I’ve been working on this series of covers for a couple of years now. After our initial discussions and agreements, I shared a whole bunch of images that I thought may work. I don’t really know which one they select until they do…and I get an email like I got last week.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised this image was selected for a book cover. Five years ago, when I first started working with Bard Constantine on his Troublshooter series of novels, I mocked up and pitched this very image as a possible cover to his book.


I didn’t expect it to be used by Bard specifically, just tried to show how, in the way it was shot, it could potentially be used as a cover.

(By the way, you can pick up Bard’s latest Troubleshooter story for a super nice price over on Amazon.)

As I wrote at the time, if you’re looking for your images to be used in a broad way (prints, covers, marketing, etc.) you have to plan for it. We all like to shoot tight, but if you think it may get used in print, keep enough environment in the image. This way, the art designer can run headline or fit where it needs to go.

I still do that, especially with the corporate stuff I’ve been shooting lately. I shoot wide, leave a lot of environment. It can always be cropped down, or a horizontal can become a vertical.

Anyway, I was thrilled to see this cover. Hope to get the hard copy soon!

Here are some other posts about my work with Altus. And here’s where you can order Shooting Out OF Turn.

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