Project: Winterscape Gallery Series


And so, as one project ends, another long-standing one continues.

My Winterscape Gallery Series was started back in 2009, as a way for me to combat the cold and get out and shoot. I don’t mind the winter as much as I used to – usually it’s the reverse – but I still don’t love it.

You can see the full Winterscape Gallery Series here.

Anyway, we’ve had some early snow around these parts. Not a lot – a couple three inches at a time but twice in one week.

I think at this point in my life, I like that better than that one big raging snowstorm.

It falls, quiet comes across the land, the kids like it, but it’s easy to sweep/shovel up and goes away in a days or so. Life doesn’t come to a grinding halt.

And so, after Bo and I dropped the boys off at school last week, we took a little drive around to see what we can see.

(Bo loves the snow, btw. Since he was just born last March, this is really his first experience with it. Races around the yard, kicking up the white stuff. Eating it.

Stopped by one of the local horse farms. The horses out a ways from the fence, but as soon as I came up to the fence, they all started their amble over. I guess they thought I’d have a treat for them.

All I had was a pat on the snout and my camera. Getting the shot above in color, I knew it would look good in B&W, along with some sharpening. I like how this came out.

Westhaven Farm_122017

Earlier in the week, on a Saturday, was when the first snowfall (of any appreciable amount) fell. Bo and I were out running our Saturday errands when we saw this scene just up the road from us.

I pulled the truck over to make some snaps. The shot of the horse, and this one, was shot on my Samsung 7 Galaxy phone. I had my other camera (Fuji X100T) with me, and made some snaps with it as well, but just liked these to present.

Who cares what tool you use? Elsa Dorfman says the camera is a tool, like a spoon when you eat soup. It’s not the soup.

Today is the first day of winter, hence this post.

There are 89 days until the first day of Spring.

I’ll do my best to make it through the dark days of Winter. Again.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017

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