Event: Going Gaga Over Gaten

Work In Progress_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_123017_DSCF7055

Have you seen that show on Netflix called Stranger Things?

Maybe you haven’t seen it but I’m sure you’ve heard about it.

Me, I watched an episode or two but didn’t really get into it. Not my thing.

It’s pretty popular, though. So, when a band called Work in Progress comes to The Stone Pony…and it’s fronted by Gaten Matarazzo – one of the young stars of the show – well, you can imagine the crowds that will come out.

And go gaga.

Even if takes place on the eve of New Year’s Eve on a bone-chilling cold night in Asbury Park.

the Stone pony photo pass

Now, I had my friend Bobby Mahoney to thank for getting me in to shoot this show. Bobby and his band were slated to open for Work In Progress. I hadn’t expected to be around to shoot this show, thought me and the family would be up in NEPA visiting my parents for the holidays.

But when the flu started going through the house, we decided not to make the trip. So my evening was freed up. I hustled on down to Asbury Park to pick up my photo pass and see what I could see of New Jersey native Gaten and his band.

Gaten Matarazzo_stone pony_mkrajnak_123017_DSCF7040

Gaten shares the singing duties with his sister, Sabrina. Actually, she does more than he does and has a pretty set of pipes.

Sabrina Matarazzo_work in progress_mkrajnak_123017_DSCF7093

Keeping it in the family, their brother, Cameron, cleans the skins on drums.

Cameron Matarazzo_WIP_123017_MG_4199

The lighting in The Stone Pony is challenging, at least on this night. Not a lot of white light to cut through the warm colors. Thought is was just me but one of the other photographers there was commenting on it as well. Hence, I was shooting my Fuji X100T set to B&W and like those images more.

WIP guitarist_DSCF7011


Still, it was a fun evening. I’ll post of the Bobby Mahoney photos next week, to give you a flavor of that show.


This night, though, belonged to Work In Progress, as strange(r) as that may seem.

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