JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.06.18

JSP Visual Week In Review_010618

Hi there! Thanks for meeting back up.

We all make it, right? Made it through the holidays, especially that treacherouse New Year’s Pass, and arrived safely on the other side? None the worse for wear, right?

I made it too, I guess. But it’s been a long week.

First, it’s been an uncreative one for me. After coming out of the Atlantic Ocean on January 1, I was felled by a pretty bad head cold (no, I don’t think both are related. I’d pin it more on the germ cesspool The Stone Pony was – see yesterday’s post). Tuesday I as OK, but I spent most of the day in bed on Wednesday and still pretty wiped out on Thursday.

Now I’m left with a runny nose and a cough that rakes my throat. Thursday we got hit by the “bomb cyclone” and it’s been under 10 degrees all week. Really brutal around here.

But, whatever the situation, this too shall pass. I signed my boys up for spring baseball yesterday, my cold will do away (eventually) and a warm-up is in sight.

Let’s get out there and see what we can see.

By the way….1) back up your work….2) make prints!


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Life Below Zero (seemed appropriate, given the week)

What I Read This Week: Started really getting into the Dan Winters book, Road To Seeing

A digital dark age is coming.

Neil Preston’s process

Walker Evans and vernacular

Top NY Times Lens posts of 2017

Photographing Every Diner in New York

A trip around the Mississippi Delta

“We’re photographing for now, not later.” ~ CJ Chilvers

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.06.18

  1. I got out there today on the River Gorge Explorer to shoot Sandhill Cranes and other birds. We left the dock with the temperatures in the lower 20’s and a chill factor of “Oh, it’s cold.” (Hand warmers in gloves, lots of layers, and a windproof shell over the layers works to keep you warm.) Hopefully, I got some good images of the cranes, the white pelicans, and a bald eagle. It was a fun trip with the temperature near 30 when we returned.

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