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It’s Cold

It’s cold out there.

This past weekend, we were going to take a drive up to North Jersey to check out the Paterson Falls. It’s supposed to be a pretty impressive sight and a fun place to hike around.

However….it was just too cold. It was around 10 degrees and I just knew we’d drive the hour to get there, spend about 15 minutes, and then pile back in the truck to head home.

Instead, we piled in the truck and headed out…about five minutes away to Imlaystown Lake. Much closer, same frozen goodness.

A few years ago, we met up with an ice fisherman here. No sign of him on the lake today but it looked like some hockey was played.

After Imlaystown, we headed over to Assunpink Lake to check out that scene. It was getting later in the afternoon, and we were getting that flat winter light.

After about 30 minutes walking around on the ice here, it was back in the truck and home to hot chocolate.

Much closer than heading all the way to Paterson!

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