Tear Sheet: Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine

Francois Sallans_JNJ_mkrajnak_111217_DSCF4418

Francois Sallans, Chief Quality Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Back in November, I got an email from a colleague of mine in a different division of our company.

She told me her boss, Francois Sallans, Chief Quality Officer at Johnson & Johnson, would be getting an award from Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine, and with that award comes a cover opportunity. She wanted to know if I could shoot it.

I checked my regular calendar and saw that I could squeeze it in. We made the arrangements and, somehow, she was able to get me an hour of his calendar.

An hour is like a lifetime with a busy executive – usually you get 15 minutes so you better know what you’re doing going in. You might have one set up, possibly two and then bing bang boom, the exec is gone.

Since I had time to work with, I wanted to see how many sets up I could fit in so that we gave the magazine enough options. The shoot was scheduled for 10:30 but I got to the executive offices around 8:30 or so, to give me enough time to scout.

I took my full gear, including my Canon 70D, my Fuji X100T, a 46″ softbox and a couple of shoot-through umbrellas, two LED panel lights, reflector etc. I knew the offices a little bit, but wasn’t sure what I was getting in to.

Francois Sallans_JNJ_mkrajnak_111217_DSCF4288

Francois in his office high above New Brunswick

I ended up not using the lighting gear though. When I peeked inside his office I saw some nice windows to give me adequate light. As I said, my goal was to do a few set ups:

  • Office
  • Casual/common area
  • Formal portrait

In doing my scouting, Francois’ admin told me how nice the coffee area on the other floor looked. Sure enough, it was very bright and airy, with great colors. I knew that would be set up two. So, after working through the office scene, I had him bring his laptop to the common area.

Francois Sallans_JNJ_mkrajnak_111217_DSCF4454

Francois Sallans_JNJ_mkrajnak_111217_MG_3547

I was able to move Francois around a bit in this same room to give me a couple of different looks, trying to keep enough headroom and width for an art director to crop as needed.

I was shooting mainly with my Fuji X100T at this point. I knew I’d like the colors and tones and I’d get from it in this room.

After the common area, we decided it was time for Francois to put on a tie and jacket and do some more formal portraits across the street, at J&J’s headquarters.

Francois Sallans_JNJ_mkrajnak_111217_DSCF4520

I wanted to incorporate this unique design element J&J has in their front walkway.

Francois Sallans_JNJ_mkrajnak_111217_DSCF4525

A little tighter

By this time, our hour was just about up. Since I had shot in this building before, I knew there was a sweet gray wall in the front lobby that would act as a nice background if they magazine wanted something solid. So, I told Francois just two more shots.

I pulled out my apple box that I had brought along and sat him down on it for this portrait. I could have perhaps used some fill light camera left but as I was now running short on time, I went with what I had available.

Francois Sallans_JNJ_mkrajnak_111317_DSCF4546

I love that wall for a background color.

With that, we were done. I sent Francois back on his way to get lunch, while I did one last wrap shot.

Wrap up_112017

After I got home, I backed everything up and cleaned up the images a little. A couple of days later, I sent to Francois and his communications team a good healthy set to review and send to magazine.

Here’s what PE ended up using, – it just hit earlier this week.

FC cover 2

Looks like they extended the red background a little.

And an interior…

Francois Sallans_interior

Two interiors actually. They also did run that image of Francois in front of the J&J sign as part of a sidebar.

I know I was fortunate to get so much time with Francois for this shoot, and we definitely used it all. Even working quickly, the sand slipped through the hourglass quickly.

Overall, I was happy with this shoot, and the outcome. It was good for me to know what the magazine was looking for as I was able to shoot for that (I also looked at past issues to give myself an idea, too).

It turned out to be a good start to 2018!

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