JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.13.18

JSP Visual Week In Review_011318

This winter is becoming a slog, and we still have two months to go.

My cold started to abate this week. A persistent cough is still, well, persistent, but I’m starting to come around a bit more every day.

The climate swings are enough to give you whiplash though – freezing cold last Sunday, in the 60s by Friday, and supposed to go back to freezing today.

I like the unpredictability of weather but this is a bit much.

The cold snap, though, has caused many people to keep their Christmas decorations up longer than usual. Too cold to take them down. As much as I like seeing everything lit up between Thanksgiving and New Years, once it’s January 2, you gotta get them down.

Now they are a reminder of that fun fall to the end of the year which was nice when it happens. But now it’s too long past.

Time to move on, wherever we’re going.


What I’m Reading: Natchez Burning.

My buddy Gary S. Chapman had a birthday this week. Here’s an interview I did with him a few years ago.

RIP long time LIFE photo editor, Barbara Baker Burrow. Here’s a good article I found about her.

America’s Last Pencil Factory – love the images.

11 Minutes with Bruce Springsteen

Bitcoin, KODAKcoin…I don’t get this even a little bit.

“We can always rely on semantics to allow us to drift from the essence of a subject.” – Dan Winters

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One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.13.18

  1. I hope you get over that cough sooner than later. It’s not limited to NJ. Friends in my area have contracted it as well.

    As for the weather, it is like a wild roller-coaster. Friday morning was in the upper 50’s. Twelve hours later we were in the lower 20’s with a strong breeze. To add insult to injury, a power failure occurred about 7 PM Friday that went to 1:22 AM. I’m ready for spring and warmer weather!

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