JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.03.18

JSP_Visual Week In Review_020318

Man, January took a long time to get outta town, no?

Seemed like that month took forever, and I even had a vacation week in there (vacation pics to come, don’t worry)

Back in the saddle this week – the work saddle, the kids saddle, the normal operating system system that is our family.

There’s something to be said for routine. Routine is what make habits, habits make for a more effective life (if they are good habits, of course.)

Like, on vacation, I don’t take a computer. So I don’t download photos from my camera till I get back. But while I’m shooting, in the back of my head is how much editing I’ll have to do when I get home. Rather than doing a little at a time (during the time of the day I normally do editing), it a whole bunch that takes more time.

So, that means I stay up a little later or wake up a little sooner to do this added thing. It beats taking my computer and incurring the wrath of my wife. That said, when I travel on business and shoot, I find it freeing to be able to go back to the hotel room, put on a movie (film noir, probably. Lots of good free ones available on Open Culture.) and edit.

So, this week was about getting back to the routine. I didn’t shoot much, unfortunately, but did some editing of older photos. And, I have some jobs in the works. Fingers crossed…


What I watched this week: The Doors – When You’re Strange

What I’m Reading This Week: Give Up The Dead by Joe Clifford

This documentary on Garry Winogrand looks great.

Honoring Black Artists in Light & Shadow

Inspiration: Top Photographers on Photoshelter

Eddie Adams, February 1, 1968

Finally, I’ve been a Philadelphia sports fan my whole life. A lot of decent seasons, many horrible seasons, few “win the big one seasons.” My Philadelphia Eagles are in the the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, a very good team no doubt. But this Eagles team is strong as well. My prediction (i.e. hope): Eagles 33 Patriots 21

Fly, Eagles, Fly.

I worked hard but I never really considered it work. I always enjoyed myself and only took an assignment if I had complete control and access. My reputation was such that managers didn’t[mess] with me. I had the trust of the artist. I would work with them and they knew I wouldn’t [mess] around or do anything they didn’t like.” ~ Jim  Marshall (February 3, 1936 – March 24, 2010) 

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