JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.24.18

JSP_Visual Week In Review_022418

Weather-wise, a wild week here. We had 70+ degree temps mid-week, book-ended by cold, raw, rainy days.

Such is life on the East Coast. But the warm temps definitely gave me a bit of spring fever. Why is is the summer seems to fly by, but the winter is interminable?

That said, it does seem like February has flown by. Spring training started in earnest this week, with games being played in in the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues yesterday. That’s a sure sign spring is on it’s way.

Since the end of the month is coming up…. Back up your work!



RIP Max Desnfor

What I finished this week: Too Far To Walk

What I watched this week: How the Beatles Changed The World

James Nachtwey for Time: The Opioid Diaries.


What it’s like to photograph the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics, the Instagram captions David Burnett has been doing for his photos from South Korea are as beautiful as the images themselves.

Kodak is bringing back T-Max P3200.

I REALLY want one of these.

“Photography can cut through abstractions and rhetoric to help us understand complex issues on a human level. Never is photography more essential than in moments of crisis.” ~ James Nachtwey

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