Make Prints: BTR Poster

BTR Poster_2018

Sometimes I just work slow.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember that back in August 2015, I threw together a personal project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Born To Run.

Eric Meola is the photographer who shot that iconic album cover. I first met Eric later in 2015 (had him sign my copy of BTR) and then again last March at an event in Princeton.

It was there that we talked about my 2015 project, and he mentioned something about getting a print of one of those photos. In passing really. I may have mentioned I had put together a poster of those images or something.

And I did. I had designed a poster with the people that posed for me, but I never did anything with it, never printed it. Luckily, I came across that design in an old hard drive recently. I finished off the design and sent it off to AdoramaPix to be printed.

It came back and looked great. I immediately then sent it off to Eric, with a little note about our Princeton conversation.

I waited until a day or two after it was supposed to get to him, thought I’d hear something.


Hmmmmm. That’s my problem with snail mail now – you never really know if something get there or not. Well, you can track it, of course, but I still don’t always believe it.

So, I sent him a private message on Facebook “Hey…I sent you something, did you get it?”

The reply: “Oh, I’m not back home till March 5.”


So I waited. Somewhat patiently.

Then, on Monday, my FB messenger pinged:

The print arrived SAFE & SOUND!!! Thank you so, so, much, Mark! I love it!



You know I love making prints. And being able to surprise someone with one is all the better.

Make prints, folks. No matter how long it takes!

PS: Here’s more, by Eric, on shooting that iconic cover. 

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