BTS Sunday: La Jolla

Gary S . Chapman_BTS_LaJolla_122017_DSCF4877

Last week, my company released their big U.S. Transparency Report on all things related to the business. Kinda like an annual report of sorts.

Scrolling through it – no one flips through reports anymore – it struck me how much of my work is in there, indirectly at least.

Lots of photography from the photo shoots Gary Chapman and I did late last year.

Rather than buying stock images, the team that put this report together leaned heavily on the images we came back with.

Like the one of a scientist in one of our La Jolla, California, labs.

Modern-day labs aren’t like something from an old movie. No smoking beakers with bunson burners aflame underneath them. No, more like crappy florescent lighting, cramped work spaces (but maybe in an organized way) benches and lots of purple gloves.

Gary knows his way around these labs. Frankly, they all look kind of the same no matter where you are. So you start to look for the interesting people that make them up, and even some interesting work spaces. Any odd looking bottles? Include them too.

Here, Gary is doing a portrait with his Sony while his wife and assistant, Vivan, pops a little light on the scene via a reflector. White jacket and safety goggles all on.

I was shooting through the other side of the workbench, looking for some details shots while Gary did the portraits when I saw him shooting in front of me.

Then I saw this one, too.

La Jolla_detaisl_112017_DSCF4862

Entire-to-detail. Portraits, things, all of it

Never know what you may use when you come back from the field.

And a special congratulations to Gary and Vivian today – I just found out they became grandparents again just a few days ago!

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