Enough Is Enough


I know.

It’s coarse.

It’s harsh.

It’s also to the point.

Today is National Walkout Day. Kids walked out of school today to raise their voice against gun violence.

This is what it’s come to. This is how bad it is.

I shot this at The Stone Pony last month, just after the Parkland shooting. The band, Strange Eclipse, had just gotten off the stage.

Kieran, their guitarist, was packing his gear away. And I noticed his arm. And what he had written on it.

Kieran, and his band mates, are in high school.

They aren’t dumb.

They have opinions.

They have a voice.

They could be next, who knows.

My kids are younger. My oldest is in middle school. She’s 10.

They could be next.

The current political team in Washington does not seem to care about them. They care about the dollars they get from the ones who work within their agendas.

I don’t care if you’re 80 or 18, if you dribble a basketball, play guitar in a band, or are just a parent.

Don’t just stick to sports. Or play guitar. You, you know, live your life.

You have a voice.

Again, I’m no good at dissecting the political environment. Please head to Greg Fallis’ blog for better, more clear writing on it all.

But I had to post this today.

I believe in Kieran’s statement.

I hope I never have to scream it at the top of my lungs because something tragic has happened to one of my kids.

Enough is enough.

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