JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.17.18

JSP Visual Week In Review_031718


March 14 should perhaps be called World Photographer Day.

It’s the birthday of Diane Arbus, James Nachtwey, Dickey Chappelle, Milton Greene and Chris Hondros.

I think we all know about Diane Arbus. To be honest, her images freak me out a little.

James Nachtwey.:The greatest conflict photographer of our time, and just recently had an exquisite and unrelenting look at the opioid crisis for TIME.

Dickey Chappell: First female war photographer killed in action.

Chris Hondros: Another conflict photographer, killed in action as well.

Milton Greene: Totally unremoved from conflict photography, but brought us some of the most memorable images of Marilyn, ever.

If you do nothing else this weekend, take an hour and click through some links about these remarkable photographers, and how they practiced their craft.


What I watched this week: The Crooked Way

What I’m reading: Ask The Dust

RIP Chuck Westfall

Nat Geo admits to being racist.

Powerful read: Suicide, drug addition and high school football.

The Big Town has a great soundtrack.

The Boss on Presence.

Hard Truths on display.

Going to keep this one going: Enough Is Enough

“The use of the camera has always been for me a tool of investigation, a reason to travel, to not mind my own business, and often to get into trouble.” ~ Danny Lyon

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