BTS Sunday: On The Road in County Cork


Literally…we were on the road(side) in County Cork.

That post from the other day made me go back to look for other pics from that 2008 trip to Ireland. Like I said, the hard drive those pics are on is corrupted, and I haven’t sent it out to get recovered yet (not looking forward to that bill.)

But I found this one, and it made me remember a bit more. We were shooting on of my colleagues, a guy named Ibrahim, out there in County Cork in 2008 The focus of the story was how Ibrahim, an engineer, was using a 2.1 megawatt boiler that used wood chips rather than natural gas and helped reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The wood chips were leftover pieces from other goings-ons in County Cork and were brought to this facility each day. So, nothing wasted.

Of course, being in Ireland, we wanted to show the lush countryside a bit. We even went out and bought him that coat and a pair of Wellies so that Ibrahim could look the part a little bit more (He was a rugby player and every jacket he had looked athletic).

Stephen Doyle was the art director on the shoot. Elizabeth Zeschin was the photographer. Believe she was shooting a Hasselblad. Also in the frame, slightly, is Elizabeth’s assistant on the shoot, a local gal named Anne.

I don’t know if we used it on this shot, but I know for some of them, Elizabeth had a strobe way up high on a light stand. It was Anne’s job to keep it from blowing over while I directed traffic.

The final shot that ran in the 2008 J&J annual report looked like this (Had to dig it up in the J&J archives.)


A few months later, I remember bumping into Ibrahim at the corporate offices in New Brunswick. He was back from Ireland, his assignment ended.

I worked with Elizabeth once more, on a trip to Russia and India. But that’s a story for another Sunday.

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