Baseball Is Back!


Citizens Bank Ballpark, Philadelphia, 2012

Yes, indeed, winter is finally over. Officially!

No matter what the calendar or the weatherman says, Spring officially starts on Opening Day.

And that day was March 29!

The three teams I follow – the Phillies, Yankees and Mets – all started yesterday with the Yanks and Mets notching wins, but the Phils took a loss (I only root for the Phillies. I follow the Yanks and Mets because of where in NJ I live – close enough to New York to get the NY TV stations that carry the games.)


Chase behind the plate, 2017

My boys also had their first practice this week. Both are members of the Astros for the 2018 season (I’ll be coaching them again. Also had to explain what an Astro is in the context of Houston and baseball. No easy feat, frankly.)

So break out the peanuts and Cracker Jack. It’s time for to begin hitch your wagon to a team and follow them through till the last out, when the snow will just about to fly again.


Vendor, Citizens Bank Park, 2010

But until then…baseball is back!


Gear, 2018

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3 thoughts on “Baseball Is Back!

    • Ha! I’m interested to see how they do this season after all the buildup of the power three. That’s what I like about following baseball day to day – the near soap opera like quality of the storylines.

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