Fighting Fire With Fire

Controlled burn1_033118_IMG_1375

It’s that time of year again – controlled burns going on in my neck of New Jersey.

These prescribed burns are important to help cut down the risk of forest fires, and also to help spur new growth for animals to have food. Read more about it here.

Last year, I got some interesting photos. This year, I happened upon this burn after baseball practice with the boys this past Saturday.

Only had my little Canon SX610 HS with me, and didn’t try to get to close.

The tree was the anchor in my shot here, and I wanted it dead center. The silhouette of a firefighter is on the left, the fire line on the right.

While this is usually a sign of spring around here, two days later we had snow and cold again.

Still…spring has got to be getting closer, right? Right??

Fighting Fire With Fire…who knew?

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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