Tear Sheet: Thrilling Detective 20th Anniversary Cover


This turned into a good week for tear sheets!

Earlier this week, I got a note from Kevin Burton Smith, editor of the Thrilling Detective website, saying the 20th Anniversary “issue” is now live, with my “Bitter Little Words” pic on the cover. (BLW is actually the name of the color version of this shot. The B&W version, I call The Pulp, The Fiction. But no matter!)

It was five years ago that Kevin and I worked on a cover for the 15th Anniversary. Just by chance, I came across this cover a few weeks ago, and then went over to Thrilling Detective site to check it out. I like the site, always great stuff to read – I just don’t end up there to often.

Anyway, I noticed Kevin had mentioned about the 20th anniversary coming up. So, I shot him an email saying “Hey…want to get produce something again.”

That started our conversation on what he’d like to run. He liked a lot of the noir images I’ve shot over the past few years, but many just didn’t fit his vertical template. There I go always shooting horizontal again! But he was able to find this one and make it work with his template.

I didn’t know what he had picked until I saw the final here. Fine by me, it’s his project. And I like the way it worked out.

It’s very cool that he makes these anniversary covers different from the usual ones, which makes them almost more special. Now, the usual covers he uses are great – totally classic pulp fiction.

On the “interior” of the ezine, Kevin also is running a banner that features another one of photos,

banner2_thrillingdetective-2018-04-06 as Smart Object-1

In the Table of Contents, Kevin writes:

I just love the whole tough guy vibe this photo has, and how it ties in to the whole idea of this site’s ongoing celebration of those “tough guys and gals who make trouble their business, not their hobby.” But mostly I just like the vibe. I can just picture this hard-boiled son of a bitch just plopping down, smokes and a drink at hand, and pounding out a hard-boiled masterpiece. Typing out “The End,” then standing up, putting on his coat, and going out and shooting someone. Who totally deserves it, of course.

But all of Mark’s noir work is like that. There’s a sense of dread and sadness and blown chances; a feeling of violence just passed or about to happen, to people who never saw it coming. They’re like like postcards from Losertown, delivered too late, with postage due. A last chance power drive in a stolen car.

[Heh. That last sentence is a combo of a Springsteen song and a song title. Kevin, if you can’t tell, likes Bruce Springsteen too. We got into a whole side email discussion about The Losing Kind in the course of our work on this project.]

I won’t lie, though.  I’m blushing a little at what he wrote. That’s some of the nicest words anyone has said about my  noir photography. And that it’s coming from someone who know his stuff so it means even more.

Please give the Thrilling Detective site a good hard look, and follow Kevin on Twitter @ThrillDetective .

All in all, this turned into a pretty good week!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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