JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.14.18

JPS_Visual Week In Review_041418

A few years ago now, I sat in a NJ diner with a noted photographer. We were heading to a shoot in Asbury Park, but since he was from out of town, I wanted to give him a good “New Jersey” experience.

So on the way down to AP, we stopped at one of my favorite diners and had a quick bite. Still remember he had a BBQ burger that turned kind of messy.

Anyway, at one point, he looked over at me said “What do you want to do with photography?”

I knew what he was asking then….how far did I want to pursue my “hobby”. Did I want to continue to develop my eye and get better and be an advanced amateur? Did I want to start to get commissioned work, i.e. get hired by someone to shoot what they want me to shoot. Did I want to freelance? Did I want to sell my photos (stock or otherwise)?

I really didn’t know to answer. I don’t even know that he wanted an answer, just give me something to think about.

All these years later….I’m still not sure I know. I don’t know if my goal/endgame/focus has been determined.

So…having a little crisis of faith this week.

More to come…


This Week’s Links:


What I Finished Reading This Week: Crooked House

Cornell Capa would have turned 100 this past week, on April 10. Learn more about him.

Great read: Talking With Karen Mullarkey

Brassai: The “Eye” of Paris

“You document it because it’s out there.” ~ Jason Lee

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.14.18

  1. Mark, you’re working through a difficult self evaluation. The good news is you’re not alone. Lot’s of people are doing this all the time and many of them have time and financial constraints that you do not. I don’t know what you should do. I may have a few ideas to help you get to a resolution. First, find some one you can talk with that you can be totally open with. The act of formalizing your thoughts to tell someone or to write them out in a coherent manner can clear out a lot of the fog in choosing which way to go. What is the cost to everyone for each path you may choose? Is that a price you are willing to pay? Is that a cost you would asked them to pay? Are they are willing to pay that cost? This may be a big component of your decision. The cost may not be just financial. To shoot more will you need to stop coaching baseball? Will you need to be shooting (and processing images and doing all those related tasks) and missing seeing friends, family, and going places you like to go? In 1985, I change employers, moved, and chose to stop playing in a successful weekend dinner-and-dance band to have more time with my wife and two small children. I chose a path that worked for me and I’m pleased with the choice. I still play at home and enjoy my other activities. In March 2016, multiple paths opened when I was laid off after three decades. Do stay with my career path, change paths, or retire early? Do I follow my “hobbies” and become a pro photographer or get into a working band? How far am I willing to move to follow a path? Is my path some combinations of these possibilities? Currently, my decision is a work in progress.

    The last point of my tale may be very important in your choosing a path. Unexpected things will appear along the path so it will always be a work-in-progress. Choose you path carefully, make the best choices you can, and be watchful for the surprises that will appear. Sometimes the choices that seem unimportant can lead to totally unexpected places.

    Good luck with your struggle to pick your path.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, David. Perhaps you should be my mentor! Yes, I agree with what you say, many of which I’ve considered. I just scratched the surface here, of course. More to come!

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