Asbury Park Music & Film Fest Part 2: Oh Danny Boys

Daddy Mac_042818_DSCF1369

This is the second in a series about covering the Asbury Park Music And Film Festival 2018. Part 1 is here. 

After shooting John Desnmore at the House of Independents, I jumped back in my truck to head over to historic Convention Hall, right on Ocean Avenue. It was there that the first press event (a “presser” in journalistic parlance) was going to take place: this one with Asbury Park native and actor, Danny DeVito.


Danny DeVito as Louie DiPalma in Taxi

Now, I know who Danny DeVito is. But when you look at his acting resume…man, the guy has been around for a LONG time. Most recently, he’s Frank on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (a show I’ve never seen) but I sort of see him a lot in the movie Matilda, which my kids like. Heck, some call him a national treasure.

In addition to acting, producing and directing, he also does these stand-up/sit down panels and discussion, with a pretty good amount of humor interjected.

This presser at the Paramount Theater inside Convention Hall have the news crews a chance to chat with him for about three minutes a piece, and us photographers to get some solid shots of him in front of the sponsor back drop.


Wide shot from the balcony.

Danny DeVito_mkrajnak_042818_MG_0272

Before getting cleaned up for the evening show


Being interviewed by Alex Biese of the Asbury Park Press

Check out Alex’s interview here.

Danny DeVito_APMFF_bw_mkrajnak_042818_DSCF1437

We also had to get photos of Danny with the APMFF festival directors – Tom Bernard, Co-President and Co-Founder of Sony Music Classics, Danny Clinch, Director and Photographer, and Tom Donovan, President and Publisher of Gannet NJ.

A general scrum ensued when the time came. I made myself small and went low.

Group Shot_APMFF_mkrajnak_042818_MG_0315

(L-R) Tom Bernard, Danny Clinch, Danny DeVito, and…I don’t know.

“Dannys…right here please”

Danny Clinch_Danny DeVito_mkrajnak_042818MG_0318

Danny Boys, Jersey Guys

Of course, when Danny Clinch is in the house, Danny, being Danny, is snapping photos of Danny.

Danny DeVito_Danny Clinch_mkrajnak_042818_MG_0320

Later in the evening, I would come back to the packed Paramount Theater to catch a bit of Danny’s panel. I only saw about 15 minutes of it, but it funny, mildly profane and very, very interesting.

Danny Panel_mkrajnak_042818.jpg

DeVito panel_balcony_mkrajnak_042818_MG_0664

Back to the balcony

Side note: The woman on the right is a doing sign language for someone in the first row. As Danny was going through his mildly profane bit about a monkey and where he almost got bit…I wondered how that translated.

All I know is that when November 17 rolls around – recently proclaimed as Danny DeVito Day – I’ll have pics for it!

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