JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.07.18

Visual Week In Review_050718

I seemed to have run across a good amount of “photography snobbery” this week.

The “film versus digital” debate is always out there. The ” you HAVE to process you own film” dialogue can be found, yes.

But this piece bothered me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I like and respect Dan. Heck, I even interviewed him once for this blog.

But…I don’t know…this one just seemed heavy-handed. The whole “there’s no real work” lament. What the heck that does even mean – real work?

I see stuff that is supposed to be “real work” and much of it is boring as anything. I’ve followed Dan’s writing for a while now, and I get his drift: Shoot film (unless when you buy a Fuji and really like it, as he did) keep going back and back to a subject to fully expose it.

I get it.  He has a particular old school” view of the subject. And I also get where he says that looking at someone’s Instagram clouded his view of them, i.e. impacting his view of their talent. (I don’t know if this is because the photogs he mentions posts too may cat photos on their IG, or goofy photos, or just one not deemed worthy by Dan – I wish he had expounded on that a little.)

I guess what bothers me is he’s now placed doubt in my head as to the veracity of Instagram. Personally, I like it. I like it to find new creatives, see what other local photographers are doing, and especially – as in the case of Art Streiber  – for the cool BTS shots I find.

Dan and I are of the same age. He definitely has more “real world” experience than I do, and way more talent too. His post could be of the “hey you kids get off of my lawn” type, but I don’t think it is. While he tactfully dances around the subject, he’s just doesn’t like IG for a variety of reasons…that are sound to him. Frankly, much of what he doesn’t like can be said for all of social media – too curate, an inaccurate depiction of real life, the “look how great I am/my life is” theme. We’ve all felt that to some degree. And if you’re parent on FB, I’m sure you’ve certainly thought “Wow that family has it all together – smiling, hair combed, cool vacations”…when behind the scenes you know “wow that family is a mess.”

It’s all about curation for sure.

“I have no right to tell you what to do, or what to think, but just know when it comes to photography…I know what photography is actually is” Dan writes.

Well, maybe you do, Dan. Maybe I don’t. I guess I’ll have to just keep finding it out for myself, thanksverymuch, be on Instagram or self-published e-zines or elsewhere.

All that said…I still like Dan’s work and his writing. I’ll keeping reading. He’s not here to make us comfortable. He makes us think.

(PS: I’ve never ever ever ever heard the term “scalable photographer. Just sayin’)


What I watched this week: It’s So Easy and Other Lies

What I finished reading this week: The Mysterious Affair At Styles

I also finished watching Season 4 of Bosch on Amazon Prime. Pretty good. Never read any of the books, though, wondering if I should.

China has a problem with Peppa Pig.

The Electric Organ That Gave James Brown His Unstoppable Energy.

Ninalee Allen Craig, photographed by Ruth Orkin, dies at 90.

If photography is limitless, why…

In Memorandum: Art Shay

“Unless you photograph what you love, you are not going to make good art.” ~ Sally Mann, who had a birthday on May 1.

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