Make Prints: Getting Sentimental

(c)jerseystyelphotography_dan amato_sentimental_gentlemen_may 2018

Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny…..

~ Rosalita (Come Out Tonight), Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

You may remember last month when I wrote about shooting as show at The Wonder Bar.

One of the shots I really liked was a detailed shot of Dan Amato’s guitar – he has a sticker on his fretboard in the middle that says “Made In Paramus.”

Paramus is a town in North Jersey, and Dan’s hometown. I love the hometown pride he shows, especially for a young guy. So much of our youth is spent trying to get OUT of the places where we grew up. Heck, Springsteen’s wrote a whole album about that (Born To Run).

But Dan’s proud of his hometown and I like that. When I was shooting the show, and I saw that, I knew I had to try to get a clean shot of that. And when I did, I knew I had to get a print of it to Dan. He’s in college now, at Monmouth University, and maybe he’ll stay in music his whole life. Or maybe he won’t. But, at some point, he’s going to have a a room in his house, a den, a man cave…call it what you will..and he’ll be able to hang this on his wall and remember when he was a young cat playing gigs at little seaside bars on the Jersey Shore.

More likely, Dan will stay in music. As lead singer of Dan Amato and The Sentimental Gentlemen, I’m so impressed with his talent and poise on stage. Where does that come from in a guy his age (think he’s 22). I never had that poise at his age. Guess that’s why he’s an entertainer and I’m not.

Along with that big print, I had some 5×7’s made of the band so that he could give them to his squad. Now, I’m sure TSG have a ton of photos via phones from shows, many living on line. But I hazard to guess they don’t have many prints of their band. It’s a literal snapshot in time – I doubt they’ll stay together for ever. Now at least they all have a reminder of that time when they put on great shows all around the Jersey shore.

Check out his song Roses for Rosie here, and more SG songs over on Soundcloud.

(c)JerseyStyle Photograph_Empress Hotel_2018

I just had to make a big print of this one. This is one of those images that, if I saw it from someone else’s camera, I would wish I had shot it. I got so lucky that morning in Asbury Park, with the parking lot of the Empress being empty except for that old car. And just the way the other elements came into play.

May not be a technically perfect image but I just really enjoy looking at this one.

Prints done, once again, by AdoramaPix. As usual, they look really sharp.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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