JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.19.18

Visual Week In Review_051918

My week in review:

  • Sunday was Mother’s Day
  • Tuesday was me and Leslie’s 14th wedding anniversary
  • Wednesday was my Mom & Dad’s 54 wedding anniversary
  • Thursday was my son Chase’s 8th birthday
  • Friday was my nephew’s birthday

And also…

One week, two ends of the spectrum.


This week’s links:

What I’m reading this week: The Air Raid Killer

What I watched this week: 20 minutes of Capote. Man, Philip Seymour Hoffman is good.

I also read about, and watched on YouTube, a good bunch on Albert Watson.

The Atlantic: How the 50mm lens became normal.

FStoppers: The first travel photographer

Rangefinder: Is LED the future of flash photography?

Is concert photography just PR now?

When John Vachon (who’s birthday it is today) photographed Marilyn.

“I think of that with my photographs. I think of them as ‘found’ paintings because I don’t crop them, I don’t manipulate them or anything. So they’re like ‘found’ objects to me”. ~ Dennis Hopper

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