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LensCulture Review_2018

Remember last month when I wrote about entering a portrait contest via Lensculture?

As I said then, my work didn’t make the short list. But as part of the process, all those submitting were able to get a free review of their images from one of the judges.

Have you ever had your images critically reviewed? Not me, really. I’ve never really had my portfolio looked at or commented on in this way so I was (hesitantly) looking forward to this feedback. I was hoping it would be too harsh, but I didn’t want shallow accolades, either.

I thought I would share with you the feedback I received. Read on…

So, there it is.

First, I’m pretty happy with this review. It’s was a bit more thoughtful than I expected. I know they had a lot to review, so I appreciate I got more than just a few sentences.

I also agree with the final assessment. I love environmental portraits, and feel they are more exiting than “seamless background portraits.”

Maybe EP’s are easier to make exciting. So what would I need to do to make a seamless exciting (save for having a famous person in front of my camera). This is a big pet-peeve of mine when I review others work on social media – all the fawning that happens when [insert big name photog here] shoots [insert famous person here] when the portraits are as pedantic as can be. Maybe it’s jealousy on my part, but many of us will NEVER get a famous person in front of our lens, at least not regularly.

So, how do I make that seamless portrait exciting, sans [insert famous person here]? Is it creative lighting? Better posing? A bit of both?

I liked this feedback. Can’t say I really disagree with anything said here. Going forward, I know I’ll continue to shoot both types of portraits. The goal will be to do a good a job possible to make each on interesting.

So, have you ever had such a review? What do you think of this one? Agree? Disagree? Too honest? Not honest enough?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Review

  1. Mark, I agree with the review. My favorite is #5. Then #2 and #1. I thought they would have mentioned something about the cropping in #1. A bit too tight for me. But, hey, I ain’t no pro.

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