Memorial Day 2018


This is my hometown…~ Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Monday, Memorial Day, dawned with the sky was as gray as a battleship. However, the threat of rain never amounted to more than that – just a threat.

My little hometown held it’s annual Memorial Day Parade and it reaffirmed how much I like Allentown.

Pink Tractor_052818_IMG_0336


Troop 180A_IMG_0371

The parade saw future farmers and current farmers, a number of local sports teams, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, equestrians and old cars and clowns and Shriners and hot rods. Best of all, a nice crowd of people sitting on the curb or folding chairs, taking pictures, shooting video and cheering for those doing the parading.

I kind of like my point of view as a parade participant. I get to walk with Chase and Matt (Liv was up a bit with the Girl Scouts). Snapped a few shots with the little P-n-S. Think the one that leads off this post is the best of the lot – the crowd in front of the small business, Matt tossing candy, the kids in the front happy to get some.



A good start as we march into Summer 2018.

My Memorial Day post has become somewhat of an annual occurrence. Here’s a look at some past posts:

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