JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.09.18

Visual Week In Review_060918

A week of death.

Designer Kate Spade, suicide.

Photojournalist David Douglas Duncan, natural causes (he was 102)

Chef/Storyteller/Jersey Guy Anthony Bourdain, suicide.


The first one surprised me. I don’t know much about the Spade business. Knew of the name. Been past the story in New York a few times. Knew they were famous among those interested in fashion. A somewhat well-known name.

Duncan, I knew of him very well, from a photographic standpoint. And because it was because of him that I got the chance to meet and work with David Burnett. (there’s a line in this post about Joe McNally having to be in France…I didn’t say why but it was to shoot David Duncan Douglas)

Bourdain….this one bothers me, on a few levels. Yes, you can say it seems like he had it all – a popular TV show, great travels, a young daughter, and, while recently divorced, in a new relationship.

Here’s a guy who overcame addiction, never pulled punches and seems to be universally liked.

But he also did martial arts. And I just don’t understand how that commitment and dedication to this couldn’t help see him through whatever he was going though.

I liked his style, and his art of travel. Mentioned him here. And here.

I’ve eaten horse in Russia, sea slug in Beijing, at the food marts in Mumbai all because of Bourdain and his shows. He made me food fearless when traveling. I may never get back to a place, may as well experience it fully.

So, his death left me sad. And the fact that he took his own life left me perplexed.

Folks, hang in there. Don’t do it to yourself or your loved ones. Talk to someone, please.

National Suicide Hotline in the US: 1-800-273-8255 or go here.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched: Beware of Mr. Baker

What I’m Reading: But Beautiful

Joe McNally on David Duncan Douglas

Anthony Bourdain was a Jersey Guy. Here’s his Parts Unknown episode on New Jersey.

Bill Cunningham’s unseen scrapbooks.

What the Beats were all about.

Is a stress shot on the horizon?

“Personally, I couldn’t give a damn if the light in my camera is recorded by emulsion on gelatine, or a silicon chip. The real issue is what you’re pointing the camera at – what you have to say. That is the best thing to get steamed up about.” Paul Graham

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