Eye See, Fill The Frame


I don’t give advice much. Still much learning to do.

But here some advice: This summer, fill the frame.

Fill the pool, fill the grill, fill the hopper with fish, fill the glass jar with lightening bugs.

But fill the frame.

This was probably the earliest piece of photography advice given to me by a Boston-based photographer, Russ Schleipman.

I wasn’t even really shooting back in 1998, but I was working with him on an annual report project.

I remember sitting in a van with him and his assistant, honestly can’t remember where the shoot was that we were heading to. Upstate New York? Miami?

I don’t know, it’s all vague now, 20 years later.

But the advice stuck – Fill The Frame.

Last week, in pre-game warm ups, Matt took a pop-up off the glove and into the face last week. He cried a little.

But we put an ice pack on it and first inning, he pulled the catchers gear on, squatted behind the plate and was good to go.

Got three  hits that game too.

The eye has been turning some pretty colors this past week. Starting to fade now, though.

Before it went away, though, had to bring him into the garage studio on Sunday. Had to get a shot of the shiner.

The front tooth…well, that was lost by natural causes the previous week. Works with the overall image, though, I think.

You know I’m making a big print of this one.

This summer, get close. Fill the frame, folks.

Me and Russ will be happy you did.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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