JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.30.18

Visual Week In Review_063018

Ok, back where we belong.

Travel the two previous weekends have prevented me from doing a week in review. I think I miss them more than anyone else.

I call them “visual journals” and while they are only once a week, they remind me of certain things that happened, or the temperature of the land.

Like, when I look back at this one in few years, the photos will remind me that I was in Northeast PA twice this past week – once last weekend, and then again midweek.

It’ll remind me that our country saw another senseless mass shootings, because, apparently, that’s what we are good at around here.

I was shooting our local church’s vacation bible school when the news about the Cap Gazette shooting broke. All week long, I had fun photographing 200+ kinds having a good time, doing games and crafts, and yes, hearing about their faith and how to be a better Christian.

Don’t roll your eyes – in this day and age, to get 200 kids together for two hours with no iPads, phones, or otherwise, have them happy and smiling and singing, it gives you hope.

The reason the Cap Gazette shooting put a daggar in me is because I “know” a photographer on staff there. I put that in quotes because while we’ve never met, we’ve conversed. We follow each other on Twitter, and have commented on certain things back and forth. When I heard the news, I wondered if Paul Giliespie was OK, or was he maybe out on assignment. Took about an hour or so, but in further checking the Twitter cycle, I saw he was, indeed OK.

He was crushed, though. He was inside when it happened. It’s a small newsroom. Reminded me of the one I briefly worked in back in the late ’80s. Long-time friends and colleagues are now gone.

Our president has derided the free media, especially when it doesn’t suit his needs or they don’t write nice about him. He has called the “fake news” the “enemy of the American people” and “our country’s biggest enemy.” Then when other nutjobs start to openly advocate for violence against the media…of course it will happen.

This is our society now.

But enough about that. I’d rather remember the time my kids spent with their grandparents last weekend, the fun we had in the pool this week, shooting kids and dogs and landscapes this week.

We can’t let the bastards get us down.

Keep your vision. Keep your joy.


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“Sometimes the photographs seemed to be more valuable to me than they did to the people I was photographing because I put my heart and soul into them.” ~ James Van Der Zee (June 29, 1886 – May 15, 1983)

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2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.30.18

  1. I won’t be rolling my eyes. Whether it is seeing the kids for two hours at VBS, Scouts at a weekend camping, or the light when you’re out for a sunrise shoot, the experience helps you see past the ugly things in the world and give you hope.

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