The Slow Way

309 and Krause Road_062718_DSCF3521

Last week, I drove up to my parents house in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Actually, I did it twice in one week. Did the previous weekend with my family as it had been a while since my kids had seen their Grandma and Pop.

Then went back alone mid-week to attend a doctors appointment.

The trip with my family, we took the interstate, kept the driving quick. The mid-week journey, I meandered up Route 309.

I started doing this a couple of years ago, as documented here.

Then did it in winter.

Lone Tree_062718_DSCF3509

Seems like I always find something interesting to shoot on the drives. Of course, that means the trip takes longer but sometimes that’s ok.

What’s the rush?

This time especially. I hit some spitting drizzle and fog.


Fog Man_062718_DSCF3530

Wreck On The Highway_bw_062718_DSCF3531

But also some wonderful leaden skies to make the summer colors pop, like in that second photo. And this one.


I swear, God puts lone trees out there to see how many times he can make a photographer stop to photograph it, and then chuckles when we do.


Yes, sometimes the slow way is the way to go.

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