Event: Dino Petaccio & The Intruders

Dino Petaccio_The Intruders_mkrajnak_070818_DSCF4808

And so, AFTER Remember Jones

And AFTER Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes

There was still one more band to shoot, inside the Stone Pony: Dino Petaccio & The Intruders

Dino is a young South Jersey guy with a big voice and a unique look.

Dino Petaccio_The Intruders_mkrajnak_070818_DSCF4851

He fronts a seven-piece band, including three horns. (Overall – between Remember Jones and the Jukes, I never shot so much brass in my life like I did this night.)

And his guitarist, Zach Birnbaum, make some of the best “guitar faces” I’ve seen, though I think on purpose.

Zach Birnbaum_mkrajnak_070818_DSCF4869

Dino Petaccio_The Intruders_mkrajnak_070818_DSCF4823

Dino Petaccio_The Intruders_mkrajnak_070818_DSCF4829

Dino Petaccio_The Intruders_mkrajnak_070818_DSCF4886

DP and his Intruders are a high energy,  versatile band. Pull them up on YouTube or Spotify and check them out.

Dino Petaccio_The Intruders_mkrajnak_070818_DSCF4908.jpg

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