Musicians & The Mosaic: The Battery Electric


Ron Santee, Alex Rosen, Brent Övar Bergholm, Kevin Troller

It was on a cold and windy January evening in 2017 that I first saw The Battery Electric play.

It was at Danny Clinch’s Transparent Gallery in Asbury Park.

And they blew me away. I caught the lead singer, Ron Santee, hanging out afterwards and took a really odd but sorta cool fuzzy pic of him. I was still just learning my Fuji X100T and most of my images of their performance were lousy.

Since then, I’ve photographed them a few times (just put The Battery Electric into the search bar and you can see some of these performances.)

Their bluesy rock ‘n roll is right up my alley. Ron is fantastic as a front man, Brent on guitar and Alex on bass rock, and Kevin keeps the hammer down on the drums.

I never saw MC5 but in seeing old video, that’s who they remind me of.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to connect with them to do a Mosaic portrait for a while now. Schedules are tough to line up, though, so it took us awhile.

Finally, last Friday evening, before their set at the Asbury Park Yacht Club, we were able to grab a few minutes.

Convention Hall_070618_MG_5704

It was a beautiful evening in Asbury Park. I got down there early (around 6) for our 7:30 p.m. shoot time and the sky was doing stunts. It was stunning.

I didn’t wan to to set up any lights if I didn’t have to, though, I had some with me. Still, me and my assistant kept checking exposures.


I even had some other guy sit in. I don’t remember his name but had a great look, I thought maybe he was a musician. He said no, but he did do mix tapes. I gave him my card, I hope he gets in touch with me.


Finally, after loading into APYC, TBE met up with me on Ocean Ave. Ron and Alex show up first, then Kevin, and finally Brent. I was starting to loose light fast so I decided to do some portraits. In post, I decided to give each a unique look.

Ron Santee_mkrajnak_070618_DSCF3903

Alex Rosen_mkrajnak_070618_DSCF3885

Kevin Troller_mkrajnak_070618_DSCF3887


And we had some fun with passers-bys. What’s a visit to Asbury Park without getting a pic with a band?


Grabbed another full band shot I like, too. I can see this one being on the inside of their next album.


And we had to wrap with a group shot…including the assistant.


And just like that, we were one. We shook hands and I told them I’d be at their show in a couple of hours.

But Joe McNally once told me, “Don’t pack up  your camera until everyone has left the set. You never know…”

I try to abide by that advice, and sure enough, I got a final keeper I like.


(Oh, the show was pretty good to, with Daddy Long Legs as the opener..)


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